Buy now Pay Later

Buy now pay later is the way forward to help your cash flow. They are four fundamental steps to buy now pay later and these are as follows:

  • Add now – Add the products you wish to buy and choose the ‘Buy now pay later’ option on the checkout page
  • Fill in a quick and easy pay later finance short application.
  • Spread the balance over the agreed and desired term
  • Choose an early settlement (pay before the term ends) and there will be no charge.

Pay later finance

Pay later finance option gives you a safe approach when buying as you will have spare cash to help you maintain other payments throughout the term agreed upon checkout.

Always remember to keep up with your monthly payments and choose the correct term to spread your pay monthly payments across. This makes your purchase more affordable.

Argos Buy Now Pay Later

Argos catalogue will give you this option at the end of their checkout process. The finance option will be available on the last step during your online journey.

Buy Now Pay Later Pay Weekly

Dial-a-TV consists of many brand new, popular products such as ultra high definition (UHD) smart TVs, Dishwashers, Washing machines and so on. The finance option at the end helps you determine how much you can actually spend before committing. A credit limit is given before to help you purchase within your means, thus making it more affordable.


Laredoute has a finance pay monthly option called EASY3 Easy3 give you the option to spread the balance of your shopping over 3 monthly payments, instead of paying the balance all at once. The ultimate bonus is, you will have no interest to pay, yes, interest free pay monthly finance. Remember, if you pay less than the agreed proposed pay monthly instalments, interest will be charged at your personal accounted rate.